In Defence of Trotskyism

In 2018-19, a dispute broke out within the Committee for a Workers' International (the CWI) over this question. This section of our website brings together key documents produced to defend a working-class, Trotskyist CWI, a process which culminated in the CWI's re-foundation, and those of the opposition.

What future for Socialism?

Marxists and the British Labour Party:

The 'Open Turn' debate


The 'Open Turn' debate July 1991 - Jan 1992...

July 1991 Scotland, Perspectives and Tasks

Majority and Minority Resolutions

Aug 1991 The New Turn - A Threat To Forty Years Work

Sept 1991 For The Scottish Turn: Against Dogmatic Methods

Oct 1991 The New Turn: What Is the Alternative?

Jan 1992 Two Trends: Political Roots of The Breakaway

Entrism: Historic Documents 1933 - 1973...

1959  Problems of Entrism (Grant)

1973 Introduction, Problems of Entrism (Taaffe)

Trotsky's writings 1933:

Whither the Independent Labour Party?

How To Influence The Independent Labour Party

Principled Considerations

The Lever Of A Small Group

 Lenin Speech On Affiliation To The British Labour Party

The Experience of Entrism...

Sept 1991 Ted Grant's Entrism in 1940's (Bob Labi)

Sept 1991 Some Aspects of Entrism (Tony Aitman)

Oct 1991 On the history of entrism (Tony Aitman)

Oct 1991 Lessons of the ILP

Oct 1991 A history of our youth work

1998 On the former workers’ parties and our tactics

Party, Programme, Reformism and the International - the "Scottish debate"

Initial proposals for a new Scottish Socialist Party from Scottish Militant Labour

Reply from Socialist Party EC 

For a Bold Step Forward  from Scottish Militant Labour

Replies from Socialist Party EC:

The Revolutionary Party

Clarification of Proposals for a Scottish Socialist Party

In Defence of the Revolutionary Party...

Further exchange of documents

New tactics for a new period from Scottish Militant Labour

Reply to New tactics from Socialist Party EC

CWI: exchange of documents

CWI documentScotland, France and the International from the CWI

CWI documentThe Platform of the Minority Faction, International Socialist Movement (Scotland)

ISM Document International Socialist Movement political reply to the factional document and platform...

CWI document Party, Programme, Reformism and the International

What Are the Causes of the Current World Capitalist Crisis? A theoretical exchange

Militant's Real History

In Reply to Ted Grant and Rob Sewell


Insults in place of Politics

The Party and its leadership

A re-hash of previous policies


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From the CWI section in Ireland - the Socialist Party:

Beyond the Troubles


Divide and Rule 

The Unionist State 

Civil Rights 

The Troubles Begin

Sectarianism in Retreat

H Blocks to Hillsborough


Will There be Peace?

Build Workers' Unity

The Struggle for Socialism Today: A reply to the politics of the Socialist Workers Party [1999]

Left Unity - Genuine unity, work in the trade unions

Marxists and Elections - Russian revolution, Parliament, Joe Higgins, Scotland, Democracy, Opportunism,  Trotsky, Counter-revolution

Northern Ireland - The Armed Struggle, Protestant workers, Troops, Parades, National Question

A New Period

Appendix - Correspondence between the Socialist Party and the Socialist Workers Party

By James Connolly: Labour in Irish History


What Is Marxism?

Lenin: The Historic Service Of Marx And Engels

The Three Sources And Three Component Parts Of Marxism

Marx: Marxist view of the development of human society

Engels: The materialist conception of history

The "division of labour"

The "economic conditions"

Lenin: The Historical Destiny Of The Teaching Of Karl Marx

On The Theory Of Marxism

Trotsky: The Philosophy of Marxism: dialectical materialism


The Communist Manifesto


"Communist" countries

The  Manifesto today

The working class

The revolutionary party

New mass party needed

The Communist Manifesto

Bourgeois and Proletarians

Proletarians and communists

150 years of the Communist Manifesto

Lenin: State and Revolution

Introduction and Preface

Chapter I: Class Society and the State

Chapter II: The Experience of 1848-51

Chapter III: Experience of the Paris Commune of 1871. Marx's Analysis

Chapter IV: Supplementary Explanations by Engels

Chapter V: The Economic Basis of the Withering Away of the State

Chapter VI: The Vulgarisation of Marxism by Opportunists



Leon Trotsky’s Assassination

In Defence of October

The meaning of revolution

The causes of October

Permanent Revoultion

Can October be justified?

Place in history

Stalinism and Bolshevism 

Lessons of October (159k)

The Class, The Party and the Leadership

The Transitional Programme


Socialism Made Easy

Labour in Irish History

The Friends of Small Nationalities


Marxism Opposes Terrorism

Peter Taaffe: The False Methods of Terrorism

Trotsky: Why Marxists Oppose Individual Terrorism

Trotsky: The Bankruptcy of Terrorism

Peter Taaffe: Marxism Opposes Individual Terrorism

What About Russia?

The rise and fall of the Soviet bureaucracy 

What about Russia?

Trotsky: In Defence of October

The fall of the Berlin Wall 1989 - eyewitness report

Selected statements on the War Against Iraq

The bloody occupation of Iraq: Triumph of the US Empire?

Imperialist invasion of Iraq meets widespread resistance

War And The 'New World Disorder'

US war marks a new world era

Video: War on Iraq: the Socialist viewpoint

Real Player | Windows Media

A new movement emerging

US Empire's War for Oil