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Karl Marx

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Marxist debates of the 1990's

New Technology and Globalisation: Can a capitalist slump be avoided?

This pamphlet, written in 1999, is an answer to criticisms of the Socialist Party's position on a number of key issues facing the workers' movement in Britain and internationally.

As well as globalisation, new technology and perspectives for the world capitalist economy, we also touch on the trade unions, the character and methods of building a revolutionary party and a number of other important issues. Opens in new window

Critical Debates of the 1990s:

The Collapse of Stalinism

"1991 marked a turning point...We have entered a more disturbed period in world history, marked by sharper inter-imperialist rivalries and a deepening capitalist crisis."

Marxism and the British Labour Party - the 'Open Turn' debate

"For Marxists, the crucial problem of strategy and tactics is this: How can a revolutionary minority win the support of the majority of the working class and other exploited layers..."

Party, Programme, Reformism and the International - the 'Scottish debate'

The Scottish debate covered the questions of the revolutionary party and its programme; reformism; and the role of a workers' revolutionary international.

The Name Change debate

Discussion which developed two vital tasks facing Marxists: to defend the genuine ideas of scientific socialism and to campaign to re-establish a mass party of the working class.

What Are the Causes of the Current World Capitalist Crisis?

Marxist analysis of modern capitalism. Lynn Walsh explains the reasons behind capitalism's economic turmoil, and debates a number of issues.

Democratic Centralism

Discussion within the ranks of Militant Labour on the issue of the party, the character of the party structures, and party democracy, began in 1996 with this document by Peter Taaffe.

The Struggle for Socialism Today

A reply to the politics of the Socialist Workers Party in Ireland. A 1999 document by the Socialist Party in Ireland.

History of British Trotskyism

The Rise of MilitantIs the party over?

BBC radio 4 interviews Peter Taaffe, general secretary, Socialist Party England and Wales, on the history of the Militant Tendency in the UK.

The Rise of Militant

Published in 1995, this book, transcribed in full for the Socialist Party website, is the official history of the Militant Tendency.

The 'Militant' newspaper appeared in 1964, and began its rise to prominence in the 1970's. The Militant Tendency fought against Margaret Thatcher's government and against the Labour Party bureaucracy's rejection of socialism.

Liverpool - A City that dared to Fight

A city of half a million, formerly a major seaport of the mighty 'British Empire', which witnessed a convulsive movement of the working class and compelled Prime minister Thatcher, the 'Iron Lady,' to beat a retreat in 1984.

Militant’s Real History

Peter Taaffe defends the history of the Militant in reply to attacks by former members Ted Grant and Rob Sewell.

Marxism and Ireland

Beyond the Troubles? 

Written by Peter Hadden in 1994, this book remains a compelling Marxist historical analysis of the history of division and rule in Ireland up to the August 31, 1994 IRA announcement of a ceasefire.

Marxism and Sri Lanka

Trotskyism and reformism today

Important lessons drawn from a critique of Sri Lankan socialists in the year 2004. Correspondence from Chris Rodrigo led to an important document from Siri in Sri lanka and the CWI

Marxism and Cuba

Cuba: Socialism and Democracy

By Peter Taaffe, May 2000. The Militant Tendency published in 1978 articles analysing the nature of the Cuban regime. Doug Lorimer, of the Australian-based Democratic Socialist Party, subjected them to criticism. Cuba: Socialism and Democracy is Taaffe's reply. The original Militant pamphlet is appended.

Revolutionary history

Netherlands: Red November 1918

Speech by Ron Blom examining ‘Red Week’, November 1918, in the Netherlands, and the radical movements in the conscript Dutch armed forces during World War One.



Venezuelan workers and youth demonstrateWhat future for Socialism?

September 1995: What, today, are the prospects for socialism? Many on the left, including figures previously identified with revolutionary Marxism, are now utterly pessimistic.

But socialism, far from being 'finished', will once again become the idea that guides workers and youth in the struggle for a new society.

From Socialism Today

Socialism in the 21st Century - The way forward for anti-capitalism

Socialist Party publication 2002: Hannah Sell's book answers questions such as 'Could things be different?' 'How could socialism work?' and 'Is there an easier way to change the world?'

A socialist world is possible

Published in August 2004 to mark the 30th anniversary of the Committee for a Workers' International, a new introduction by Peter Taaffe to his 'History of the CWI'

9/11: A Year After 11 September: Will Bush launch a war on Iraq?

"On the 11 September ['9/11'] attack on the Twin Towers in the US in 2001.

The rise of Stalinism

What about Russia?

A collection of articles on the Russian revolution.

- Russia: How the Bureaucracy Seized Power (1987) A detailed study

Science and Philosophy

Science, Marxism and the Big Bang: A Critical Review of Reason in Revolt

A contribution to a discussion on modern science and the Big Bang theory.




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