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Marxists and the British

Labour Party

The 'Open Turn' Debate

Abbreviations used in the 'Open Turn' debate


Editors note: While under threat of expulsion from the Labour Party, these documents used the following conventions:

NEB - National editorial Board - was the annually elected National Committee of the Militant.

EB - the Editorial Board - was the Executive Committee elected by the National Committee. (In some other documents referred to as the EC)

LYO - Labour's Youth Organisation - Labour Party Young Socialists

EG - Ted Grant

RS - Rob Sewell

AW - Alan Woods

PT - Peter Taaffe

DC - Dave Cotterill

FC - Francis Curran

BI - Brian Ingham

FT - Full time worker for the Militant

TG - Ted Grant

Other common abbreviations

CLP: Constituency Labour Party - The governing body in each constituency

Healy: Leader of the Socialist Labour League, which became the Workers Revolutionary Party

Healyites: see Healy above

LYO: Labour Youth Organsiation, usually refers to the Labour Party Young Socialists (LPYS)

NCC: National Constitutional Committee - the Labour Party body that carried out expulsions

NEC: National Executive Committee of the Labour Party

RCP: Revolutionary Communist Party - precursor to the Militant

SNP: Scottish National Party

SLL - See Healy above


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